Intern with the Campaign

The Minnesota DFL Senate Caucus Internship Program 2016
Senate Caucus Interns have an opportunity to combine academic theory with direct professional experience in our Campaign Internship Program. Interns will be placed in top-tier, competitive races and learn skills that will prepare them for entry-level staff positions on political campaigns. These skills include field skills and strategy, data management, campaign communication, and leadership development.

Senate Caucus Interns will work with their supervisors to develop learning goals over the course of the summer, culminating in a project that demonstrates leadership, innovation, and mastery of a critical skillset. They receive ongoing feedback and training, engage with peers and senior staff, and make meaningful contributions to our strategic goals.

An internship with the Minnesota DFL Senate Caucus is ideal for political science, communications, and marketing majors, but we welcome applicants from all fields of study. Non-traditional students and people from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Caucus interns learn by doing.
By participating in and even leading certain campaign activities, you have an opportunity to make a real impact on the outcome of the election, develop personally and professionally, and learn directly from candidates, elected officials, and professional campaign staff. We encourage you to embrace self-directed learning, independent research, and bring your innovative drive to the campaign. We encourage you to ask why, and we know that you will gain more from the experience the more you put into it.

Job Description/Duties
Caucus interns will report to local field offices around the state. They will support the daily and weekly campaign activities of the campaign staff as needed, and take ownership of appropriate projects that contribute to the campaign goals and demonstrate individual leadership and learning. Interns will observe and participate in activities in four basic categories, and should spend no more than half of their total time within any one category of activity.
1. Interns will take direct action, contacting volunteers, voters, or campaign contributors.

2. Our professional staff will provide training for critical skills and messaging, and interns will receive regular feedback to support professional development.

3. Internship Supervisors will offer opportunities to participate in staff meetings, attend events, and observe the behind the scenes work that makes it all happen.

4. Interns are encouraged to pursue self-directed learning, research, and project planning that supports educational and campaign goals.

This is an unpaid internship program and requires a commitment of 10-20 hours per week for 6-9 weeks. If you are seeking academic credit for your internship, you must make arrangements in advance with your school and communicate academic requirements to the Internship Director, who will assist you in meeting them and complete any required paperwork.

Please contact Internship Director Sarah Duevel at for more information, or to apply.